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My mum is my favourite human being

Being able to care for her mum is a privilege, find out more about the special relationship this mother and daughter share.

Can you share with us something special that the two of you share together (hobby, love a particular song, book etc)?

“I love taking my mum for long drives and short walks in the Winelands, which is home to the most scenic landscapes in our country. We share a love for nature’s beauty. As we drive I sing to her and sometimes she will hum along to her favourite hymns. Though words have become few, I have discovered a doorway to her soul through worship, so I commune with her there and find her present.”

How do incontinence products give your mother a better quality of life?

“It enables mum to be in social settings and to spend time travelling without the concern that she will have an accident in public. Without incontinence products, there’s an inconvenient amount of underwear, clothing and bedding changes, which further means lots of laundry.”

What are the biggest challenges with caring for a person with incontinence?

“Although incontinence products help, we still want to avoid mum having to relieve herself this way. We want to avoid any infection to the bladder. This means frequent toilet stops even against mum’s will sometimes. It’s not always pleasant. Further, for the really absorbent products, it becomes expensive.”

What is the most rewarding part of being a family caregiver?

“My mum is my favourite human being and I am deeply honoured to do all I can to help her. “

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